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Video Instructions

The videos have been optimized to facilitate “streaming” using the Windows Media Player OCX plugin. This means you do not have to download anything if you are using the IE browser version 5.x or newer and you can begin viewing the film soon after connecting.

If you are using an older version of IE, or not using IE, you can download the Windows Media player here for the browser you are using.

After downloading and installing the player, go to our free video page and watch the videos.

To operate the simulated VCR click on the triangle under the screen to begin the movie. To stop the movie click on the square, and to pause the movie click on the two vertical lines.

If you are connected to the Internet via a modem (telephone line), the videos may take some time to begin playing. If you would like to download the video to view later, right-click in the area of the VCR-like controls and select save as from the dropdown menu.

To discuss the content of these films with other individuals see Locations for the physical location of ULT lodges.

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