To spread broadcast the teachings of Theosophy as recorded
in the writings of H P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge




Periodical No 3 Vol. LXXXV

September, 2014




As our planet revolves once every year around the sun and at the same time turns once every twenty-four hours upon its own axis, thus traversing minor cycles within the larger one, so is the work of the smaller cyclic periods accomplished and recommenced, within the Great Saros. The revolution of the physical world, according to the ancient doctrine, is attended by a like revolution in the world of intellect -- the spiritual evolution of the world proceeding in cycles, like the physical one. Thus we see in history a regular alternation of ebb and flow in the tide of human progress. The great kingdoms and empires of the world, after reaching the culmination of their greatness, descend again, in accordance with the same law by which they ascended; till, having reached the lowest point, humanity reasserts itself and mounts up once more, the height of its attainment being, by this law of ascending progression by cycles, somewhat higher than the point from which it had before descended.

But these cycles -- wheels within wheels, -- do not affect all mankind at one and the same time. They are called in the Eastern esotericism the Karmic cycles. In the West, the full and awful significance of the Greek NEMESIS (or Karma) has been entirely forgotten. Otherwise Christians would have better realized the profound truth that Nemesis is without attributes; that while the dreaded goddess is absolute and immutable as a Principle, it is we ourselves -- nations and individuals -- who propel her to action and give the impulse to its direction. KARMA-NEMESIS is the creator of nations and mortals, but once created, it is they who make of her either a fury or a rewarding Angel.

-H. P. Blavatsky